To say that this blog has been a long time coming would be an understatement. I’ve played around with the idea of blogging for years now, but never had the courage to *actually* go through with it. I’ve finally reached a point in life where I literally can’t hold myself back any more. Bold statement, right? Before I tell you why that is, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Britt and I am an Eating Psychology Coach. I graduated from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating where I learned about the fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition. After years of disordered eating and a rigid approach towards food and my body, I knew a tremendous amount about nutrition and exercise. What I didn’t understand was how my relationship with food had so many lessons to teach me. I just wasn’t willing to slow down long enough to learn those lessons. I was on the proverbial hamster wheel of life, always running towards the next goal, achievement, or smaller pants size. All of that running finally caught up with me, and one day I woke up and decided that there HAD to be more to life than counting my Weight Watchers points and calculating how much cardio I had to do that weekend to burn off the extra goodies that I knew I would inevitably eat. Sure, I had done a lot of personal development work in the past. I saw therapists, hypnotherapists, attended retreats, workshops, and read through most of the Self Help section at my local bookstore, yet something was still missing.

Through my studies at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I have come to realize that the missing link was my connection to myself. I lived 99% of my day in my head, not my body. My body was constantly sending me messages, most of which I blatantly ignored. Hunger? Wasn’t that something that I was supposed to feel since I was always switching from diet to diet. Fullness? I was only familiar with that sensation when I spent the afternoon rummaging through my cupboards in binge mode. Tired? I wouldn’t even admit to feeling tired, since I viewed it as a sign of “laziness.” Sheesh!

Luckily my journey took a turn for the better when I started to embody myself, to learn from my struggle with food and body, and to tap into my intuition on a daily basis. My studies at IPE and my commitment to personal development have helped me step into my power and to be proud of who I am – perfectly imperfect Britt. I still make color-coded to-do lists like there’s no tomorrow, but now if I don’t check off EVERY ITEM each day I’m ok with that. The struggle that I went through with dieting, bingeing, overeating, losing and gaining weight, forced exercise, etc. is what fuels me to do this work. I want to empower other women to break free from that struggle. And that, my friends is why I’m writing this blog – to share with you a bit of what I’ve learned along the way. 

Love + Light,