No Wrong Way Body

With summer in full swing, there is so much talk right now about having a “bikini body.”

The easiest way to get beach ready?

  1. Put on a bikini
  2. Go to the beach and stop caring about what other people think

There you have it! You’re ready for the beach! The only thing is, we live in a culture that reveres dieting and idealizes thinness above all else. There is an extreme amount of pressure for women to look juuuuust right in their swimsuit. Unfortunately so many of us feel like we fall short, so we hold ourselves back and cancel plans that involve wearing a bathing suit.

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too.

I spent many summers avoiding invitations to pool parties, hot tub hangouts, and careless days on the beach because I was too ashamed of my cellulite, my belly, and whether or not my swimsuit covered the parts of me that were less than perfect.

All of that changed once I dropped dieting and embraced my body’s natural shape. I started to realize that if I didn’t get over my fear of what other people think about my body that I might never enjoy the ocean, which is one of my favorite things in the world. How silly is that? Depriving myself of something that brings me such joy and pleasure because I was terrified of others’ opinions.

I know that I’m not alone here, and I want to encourage you to get real with yourself. Is holding yourself back from relishing the summer bringing you closer to living the life that you really want? Are you willing to let your happiness and enjoyment of life come from the number on the scale or the size of your bikini? By taking away the pressure to fit some unrealistic ideal of a woman “should” look like, you leave room to embrace your natural, beautiful, REAL self. That authenticity and confidence is so much sexier than any skimpy bikini.

The other day I saw a woman at the beach who didn’t have a conventionally “lean” body, yet there was something about her that caught my attention. I was struck by how confident, grounded, and embodied she was. She was so anchored in herself that I immediately felt more at ease in my own body. It was such a great reminder that when we are able to accept ourselves for who we really are, we hold space for others to do so as well. So tell me, what is ONE step that you’re willing to take towards feeling better in a bathing suit? Comment below!

Love + Light,


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